A Return to Genuine Self-Trust – Food For Thought!

A Return to Genuine Self-Trust


I like to think that at the core of our very health is a sense of trusting our own instincts and feelings.

How often would you hear people say “ I could feel it in my bones something was not right about that situation” or “I should have trusted my gut on that” Our rational and reasoning mind often becoming our dominant way of thinking and the catalyst for hijacking our instinctual nature.


We have a culture that has somewhat robbed us of using our innate instinctual nature. From early childhood we look to ‘authority figures’ outside of ourselves. For many of us this is most commonly where we tend to place our faith. Smart media and marketing are highly powerful forces that define what we want and how we view ourselves. We get sucked in and bombarded with messages continually. Observing how mobiles were constantly being checked and often rechecked during lunch with a group recently was food for thought. This unconscious habit, covertly driving nervous fight/flight compulsion and adrenalin fix. How often though is certainly worth healthy consideration.


On closer examination and through a more mindful approach we begin to take a wiser approach in relation to such habits. We can develop our capacity to understand how our mind, emotional power and energies are being used and often abused without our conscious consent.

We begin quietly to listen to the innate whispering of our very souls that are meant to guide and inspire us. We begin journeying into our authentic liberation.



slán go fóill!



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Mindful Thought
  • The greatest step towards a life of simplicity is to learn to let go.