Mindfulness for Teachers

Kindergarten teacher reading to children in libraryWe organise 8 week in-house courses for Teachers and can tailor same to suit any specific schedules / requirements. The duration of each session is approx. one and half hours.

During the 8 weeks, the course will focus on teaching practical skills which will enhance the physical and mental wellbeing. The course aims to create a space where we learn to sit with ourselves in a Mindful way. The gentle art of relaxed breathing – a skill that supports our nervous and immune responses to everyday stresses.

Learn to understand the source of stress and anxiety, patterns and behaviours that can lead to a loss of natural energy and vitality.

Following completion of this course, participants with receive a Certificate of Accreditation in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) which in turn qualifies the participants to teach Mindfulness.

The follow up if that Teachers could incorporate Mindfulness into the classroom throughout their teaching day.

Mindfulness has been introduced to schools throughout the USA and the UK with astonishing results. Children as you as 5 / 6 years of age are already reaping the benefits of Mindfulness.


Mindful Thought
  • On your daily commute, whether in a vehicle or on foot, take time to really notice the surroundings you see every day.