Mindfulness for the Student

Teenager with her backpackWe can tailor make courses for Students of all ages in or out of the classroom.

Mindfulness training enables people to function in the classroom / college environment and at all levels in their lives.

Mindfulness training enhances the following:


• Enhances focus and attention more effectively

• Increases self-awareness

• Cultivates creativity


The Skills we teach:


• To listen more attentively

• Communicate more clearly

• Direct your thoughts more appropriately

• Focus the mind more consistently

• Empathise more readily

• Observing autopilot mode of mind and conditioned reactions.


The above skills make for greater all round effectiveness which benefits colleagues, team work, stress reduction and above all, self-awareness.


Mindful Thought
  • Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day.