The What If Scenario?

Decision time! I looked out the window, it was grey, raining and not the most pleasant day to go for a walk in the woods nearby. I became intrigued by the ‘decision department’ in my brain as to what to do.  Hesitating on the what if scenario.. ?  what if the skies opened and I would be drenched? what if the pathway in the woodlands were too wet and muddy to walk on? what if I walked another route? pondering humming and hawing then after a while deciding there would be too much passing traffic and noise….. anyway I concluded to myself it looks very cold outside.  All of this internal conversation going on in my head without my actually putting a toe outside to check if any part of it might even be true!

This is where being mindful of how our mind works is really interesting and delightfully funny on occasions.  To actually notice how we ‘perceive’ situations or events to be  true…. without our actual personal experience or developing an understanding towards how we arrive at our conclusions. Being in the present moment is relating to the actual experience of whats happening as it happens. Yes, I did find it blustery, wet underfoot and so on that was my actual experience I thoroughly enjoyed the freshness I felt as other senses such as tactile, visual and auditory  came alive.  It wasn’t the customary going for a walk just thinking about things.  I felt alive and energetic a bit like a kid exploring a forest for the first time.   The autumn leaves welshed underfoot their vibrant colors not as evident as before. Looking closer I marveled at the young shoots of wild green leaves making their way up and into the world. The beautiful sway of the tall trees dancing and accompanied by the restful sounds of the wind swirling the last of the leaves here and there.  Isn’t this life a miracle though?

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Mindful Thought
  • The greatest step towards a life of simplicity is to learn to let go.