Creative Self Care with Mindfulness

Please join me in a relaxed environment on Saturday morning St. Peters GAA Dunboyne.

What to expect?  Enjoying a space to listen and integrate the wisdom behind the story of : The Yin Yang of Mindfulness.  Also included in the morning will be guided meditation practices.  Relaxed  guided  Chi Quong  Movements.  Starting with clearing the space around our mental physical and emotional fields.  Using the practice to energize and feel how effective we can become with a little understanding about our energy field.

The benefits?   Opening a space to unwind the central nervous system’s often habitual  (even daily!) reactive fight/flight response.  Recognizing when we are mentally over loaded emotionally drained or when our muscles are physically tight and tired.

Response?  For many….”” I forgot how much I needed to take some quality time for myself”!

Results:  A smile inside and out!

Venue: St. Peters GAA  Dunboyne

Date: June 24th

Time: Saturday 10.30 am – 12.30 am

Cost: 30.00 euro ~(special price of 20 euro for two people)

All welcomed

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Mindful Thought
  • Go on a ‘sensing’ walk where you notice any object that attracts you. Being into sharp focus your senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.