Time is Precious Waste It Wisely

Thanks to our new and ongoing participants who joined us for our August workshop.

It is my endeavor in writing these monthly pages to recapture the essential essence and overview of what we cover (or [perhaps the term ‘uncover’)can be applied. As always please feel free to express any views or helpful insights that may have caught your attention during or after the session.

Reiterating at the start of the session on how our social, cultural and personal history has undoubtedly played a role in how we think, feel and act towards ourselves and in general the world around us.  It is quite wonderfiul to see how the old model of teaching is changing. Which was for many rote learning.  Taking information in without much understanding or thought behind it.  Just recently I read an article on how we are now recognizing the usefulness of bringing mindfulness into the class rooms. It looks like the generations to come will have the opportunity to wake up and see a way of being in the world that will relate to the whole rather than the few.

Encouraging people to come to the workshop with no ‘expectations’ and have no ‘outcomes’ was an eye opener for many!  We usually come to mindfulness classes with certain ‘needs and wants’. I want to be relaxed, or want to get rid of my thoughts are the opinion of many who take such classes.  I  like to encourage people to bring with them the stress and anxieties and whatever else may be arising in their lives. We are conditioned to push away or avoid anything that may feel unsettling.  And so we focus on an outcome rather than a mindful way of being present with what the present moment experience is. Many comment I would have received over the years would be of people saying how much relief they experienced in just learning to be with  whatever was troubling them.

Being held in an environment that carry’s unconditional kindness to our present moment experiences is such a worthwhile investment for our mental and emotional health.  I have witnessed the power of such places and its undeniable influence and transformation.  We begin to glimpse our old conditioned way of relating changing into a calmer and wiser understanding.

Our gentle Chi-Qong exercises seem to be resonating well with many of you. In many ways I like to refer to such movements as ‘the one move’. Where we can resonate with our total mind and body into an energy flow. These gentle movements support not just our physicality but also support  a sense of homeostasis to organs and glands.

Our group gatherings at the end of our meditation sessions allowed for many questions and understandings to emerge.

If this kind of format suits you please do join us for our monthly sessions.

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Mindful Thought
  • If you are a parent, make sure you allow time at the end of the day to listen to your child & tell them ‘I love you’.